Could Students Use Chat GPT To Answer their Assesment Questions?

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Many students assume that ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence applications can aid them with their schoolwork, and they are not entirely wrong. However most universities would consider using ChatGPT or similar AI language models to answer assessment questions for academic courses or assignments to constitute academic misconduct or cheating. It is critical to retain academic integrity and follow the specific rules and guidelines established by your institution.

AI can be a wonderful tool for learning and research, but it must be utilised properly and ethically.

When Can a Student Safely Use AI in Academic Writing?

It is generally acceptable to utilise AI models for educational objectives such as idea generation, grammar and spelling checking, and concept clarification, but utilising AI to directly answer assessment questions can result in serious consequences if it breaches your university’s code of conduct.

These AI models can help in a variety of ways:

1. Research and knowledge Retrieval:

AI can quickly acquire knowledge on a topic, summarise it, and recommend additional reading. It might assist students in locating suitable sources for their tasks.

2. Generating Ideas:

By providing suggestions or alternate views, AI can help with brainstorming ideas for essays, research papers, or creative endeavours.

3. Grammar and Spelling Checks:

By checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, AI can assist students in improving the quality of their work.

4. Language Translation:

AI can help students who are non-native English speakers or learning foreign languages translate texts and improve their language skills.

5. Practise and Learning:

Some educational platforms use AI to deliver personalised learning experiences, tailoring content to the requirements and progress of individual students.

Bottom Line:

However, it is critical for students to use AI tools in an ethical and responsible manner. While these technologies can be helpful in the learning process, they should not be utilised to violate academic integrity or to complete the students’ work for them. Using AI only for evaluation or assignment replies can disrupt the learning process and potentially lead to academic dishonesty.

Finally, the efficacy of AI tools in education is determined by how students utilise them, as well as their understanding of when and how to include AI aid into their learning process while retaining academic integrity.


If you have doubts regarding how to utilise AI technologies in your studies or are unsure whether a specific application is permitted, you should seek advice from your instructors, academic advisors, or the university’s academic integrity office. They can advise you on what is and isn’t permitted in your academic setting.

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